The easier way to be present for storytime, anytime, wherever you are.

Children’s video and audiobooks - told by you.


The StorySnap app is the superbly-simple and user-friendly way to create and share children’s video and audiobooks told by you from wherever you are; so that your voice can be there to tell them stories that they’ll love and treasure forever, even when you can not.

StorySnap is for all who love children’s stories – those who like to tell a story their way, those who love to listen, and those who like to create.

Across time and space, StorySnap will bring you closer to those you love as you tell stories for them, your way… They say the greatest gift in life is your presence. Chances are, however, that you can’t and won’t always be present for storytime with those that you love. StorySnap helps.

For adult and child readers. As the children in your life learn to read, they too can tell stories, their way. They will develop their language skills and take pride in sharing their recordings with others (siblings, cousins, aunties and uncles, grandparents...) who will treasure their storytelling and delight in hearing their progress reading aloud.

Whilst also supporting talented authors and illustrators, offering an exciting, innovative outlet and avenue to market. Right now we are working to source the most entertaining, engaging, humorous and heart-warming illustrated stories and poems, including some of the best new pre-publication work.


StorySnap: Your voice, their stories, in a snap.