How to StorySnap

Three simple steps to storytelling wizardry!



The only difficult part to StorySnapping is choosing which of our beautifully illustrated stories to read!

Browse the library, click to purchase, then it’ll be downloaded for you to keep.


Read and record!

When you’re ready to press the record button and begin reading.

Your recording is timed to each turn of the page, so your little ones can read along at their own pace.

And don’t worry, even us big kids make mistakes – so you can re-record any page as many times as you like. Maybe your Gruffalo needs more growl!

Pssst… check out our tips and tricks page for ideas from our young experts…



Happy with your finished masterpiece? Then press the share button! Pick which lucky readers you want to StorySnap, and your tailored tale will appear in their StorySnap account.

And there you have it – you’re done! You’ve successfully StorySnapped! Prepare to be adored by your little ones.